Why Outsource Sleep Scoring ?

We are living in changing times which is leading to changes across the landscape of healthcare delivery some desirable and some not so desirable. It’s impacting almost anyone in the healthcare horizon leaving everyone with little choice but to introspect and evaluate carefully the new challenges and also the opportunities thrown up by these changing times. Collaboration is no longer a dirty word, integrated work flows are becoming a felt need and geographical boundaries and losing relevance in the globalized digital world.

One thing is very obvious is the pressure on the margins making the need for operational efficiency an absolute necessity. One easy way of achieving this is by outsourcing non- core processes. Sleep medicine across the world has experienced very rapid changes leaving little time for anyone to make adjustments. The movement out of ‘bricks & mortars’ model to more domiciliary or out of centre platforms is a reality; this shall mean others bit of this paradigm are also bound to change.

Whenever the data originates from multiple sources like in the case of ‘out of centre testing’ where sleep studies can happen at different locations or a multi-location sleep labs situated in different geographies working with different sleep physician a centralized workflow or a scoring hub is a must both for efficiency and consistency. Setting up such a hub can take quite a lot of resources like costs of IT system, security systems, training, leaves and contingencies. Outsourcing this process to reliable partner could save up-to 40% of your costs and free up time for core activities like marketing, interacting& serving patients and focus on building your business. Out sourcing can in- fact work for all sleep services large and small. It can work particularly well for start-ups.

An experienced and reliable scoring partner can take away a lot of your worries impacting your bottom lines. We a proud to worked with sleep labs/services of all sizes and helped them meet their objectives and get to the next level.

How to Improve your efficiency and margins of your sleep service ?

  • Is your sleep facility constantly over budget?
  • Do you have a regular turnover of technologists?
  • Do you have a backlog of patient sleep studies still needing to be scored?

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